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in the past, the company was labeled as a discounted retail store selling low quality apparel to the sub urban areas. however, in 2004, through a global quality declaration, the company made a pledge to focus on high quality and affordability, which ultimately changed the company’s brand perception and image worldwide. evadivines  are very popular for their high-quality casual wear. interestingly, the company is the largest apparel chain in asia with over 80 stores in spain alone. 

the company’s processes, beginning from project planning, design, and manufacturing till distribution, are all in-house, which gives a competitive edge to the company. the supply chain is cost effective as well as efficient to meet the changing demands of the global markets. according to the founder, evadivine is known to be a trend-driven and technology driven company to meet the uncertain, dynamic and highly challenging demands of the global industry. e-commerce and technological innovations are enhancing rapidly which are strengthening its position as the leading apparel brand in the world.